Georg Nothelfer

Antoni Tàpies

Antoni Tàpies Erscheinungsbild 6

1982, Engraving signed in pencil Engraving signed and numbered in pencil by the artist, 76 x 56 cm

Copies: 99


Antoni Tàpies Anular

1981, Antoni Tapies - José-Miguel Ullán. Anular. Paris, Éditions R.L.D. 1981. With five etchings, four of them signed (here framed) and one as cover, and graphic works by Antoni Tapies. Leporello in original wrappers and chemise, together in slipcase. One of 35 copies (total edition 150). - Printed on various heavy laid papers, the pages mounted to form a leporello. - "Anular (Annulment or Invalidity) presents the text of an early Spanish constitution as a typewritten manuscript with highlighted short poetic sentences by Ullán and Tàpies symbol-like letters. [...] Parts of the text are torn up, turned upside down or even covered by Tàpie's graffiti. The overall visual impression creates a sense of contradiction and refusal, while at the same time involving an act of suspension"., 32,7 x 24 cm

Copies: 35


Antoni Tàpies Aus/From: La Clau del Foc (No.4)

1973, Colour etching with stamping, Galfetti 371, signed by the artist, 61,4 x 45,2 cm

Copies: 26


Antoni Tàpies O.T./Untitled

o.J., Colour etching, signed by the artist, 63,2 x 91 cm

Copies: 75


Antoni Tàpies Composition with Foot

o.J., Lithography on Paper, Signed, 75,5 x 56 cm

Copies: 150