Georg Nothelfer

Galerie in Knesbeckstraße
Galerie Uhlandstraße ca. 1985
Georg Katarina und manfred de la MotteFoto_grau
Galerie Georg Nothelfer was founded by Georg Nothelfer in 1971 in West Berlin. Today it is based in Berlin-Tiergarten and is run in second generation by Vera Ehe.
The gallery sees itself as a programme gallery. For over 50 years, it has maintained a classical position in the constantly changing market, focussing on Art Informel, Tachisme and gestural painting. In recent years, the promotion of contemporary, young art engaging with the legacy of post-war abstract expressionism has become crucial for the gallery. Around six solo and group exhibitions are shown each year.

Photo 1: First gallery in Knesebeckstraße, approx. 1973.
Photo 2: Gallery in Uhlandstraße, exterior view. On the left K.R.H. Sonderborg, on the right Georg Nothelfer, approx. 1985
Photo 3: From left to right: Georg Nothelfer, Katharina Kück-Nothelfer, Manfred de la Motte