Georg Nothelfer

Jürgen Messensee


Born 1936 in Vienna/Austria
1955-60 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Sergius Pauser
In the 1970s occupation with ceramics and bronze sculpture
1985 First solo exhibition at Galerie Georg Nothelfer
1973-2000 Member of the artist association Wiener Secession
Lives and works in Vienna/Austria

Messensee is one of the leading artists of his generation and is considered an artistic loner. He cannot be attributed to any particular grouping. He has developed his own position between the currents of Informel and Tachism. Painting for him is a "method of thinking," as he once explained: "I'm not an artist, I don't know what that is." One can call his works abstract, but the abstract is concrete. The central theme of his work is the feminine, with the female body as a symbol of the eternally beautiful. If one wants to describe Messensee's paintings, it is figurative abbreviations, strokes, signs alternating with naturalistic images that characterize his work to this day. 



  • O.T./ Untitled, 1992, Serigraph, signed and numbered by the artist, 94 x 70 cm, Copies: 50



  • Jürgen Messensee, 1992, Edited by Manfred de la Motte/Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Texts by Peter Baum, Otto Breicha, Fritz Koreny, Alain Macaire, Manfred de la Motte, Georg Nothelger, Konrad Oberhuber, Jean-Michel Ribettes and Dieter Ronte, german/english/french, 132 pages, 42 colour ill., Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-87329-894-5, EUR 15


  • Ausstellungskatalog/Exhibition Catalogue, 1985, Edited by Galerie Georg Nothelfer. Texts by Otto Breicha and Dieter Ronte, Poem by Ezra Pound, german, 72 pages, 41 ill., 25 colour ill. Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-87329-919-4, EUR 13