Georg Nothelfer

Georges Noël


Born 1924 in Bézieres/France 
1939-45 Studied engineering, drawing and painting in Pau
1956 Moves to Paris
1960 First solo exhibition at the Galerie Paul Facchetti, Paris
1964 Participation in documenta 3, Kassel
1968 Teaching position in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis School of Art 
1969-1982 Moves to New York. He is represented by Pace Gallery and Arnold Herstand Gallery
1982 Return to Paris
1985 Retrospective at the "Centre national des arts plastiques", Paris
1989 First solo exhibition at the Galerie Georg Nothelfer
Died in Paris in 2010

Noël is one of the most important representatives of French Informel. For his impasto, material painting he used powdery pigments, sand and glue polyvinylacetat and spread the mixture on the canvas. In a gestural-automatic manner, Noël scratched scriptural elements or symbolic signs into the partly soft, partly hardened layer of paint and thus developed the pictures he called palimpsest. With this term, Noël refers to the beginning of writing in early cultures in stone and clay tablets, the erasing and re-engraving of writing elements. His vocabulary of signs shows his interest in the magic, symbolism and mystery of prehistoric, Mycenaean-Archaic and indigenous cultures. In 2018, the L'Association des Amis de Georges Noël was founded.



  • Navajo, 1993, Serigraph, signed and dated by the artist, 90 x 70 cm, Copies: 50


  • O.T./Untitled, 1993, Serigraph, signed and dated by the artist, 82 x 62,3 cm, Copies: 50


  • O.T./Untitled, 1989, Woodcut, signed by the artist, 80 x 61 cm, Copies: 40


  • More Editionen


  • Voyage Palimpseste, Monografie, 1997, Edited by Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Texts by Jean-Claude Bédard, Michel Butor, Charles Estienne, Manfred Fath, Manfred de la Motte and others, german/french, 600 pages, 300 color images, Hardcover in slipcase, Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-930797-02-X, EUR 110


  • De Porte Magique à Cosmogonie, Gemälde 1958-1968, 1996, Edited by Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, 118 pages, numerous illustrations, ISBN 3-89165-103-1

  • Ausstellungskatalog/Exhibition Catalogue, 1989, Edited by Manfred de la Motte/Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Texts by Eszter Gyarmathy, Jan Cathelin, Françine C. Legrand, Barbara Rose and Gladys C. Fabre, german/english/french, 96 pages, 51 ill., 43 colour ill., Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Book series Pentagramm, vol. 3, ISBN 3-87329-935-6, EUR 15