Georg Nothelfer

Arnulf Rainer


Born 1929 in Baden near Vienna/Austria
1950 Founds the Hundsgruppe together with Ernst Fuchs, Anton Lehmden, Arik Brauer, Wolfgang Hollegha, Markus Prachensky and Josef Mikl
1956 Founds the "Galerie St. Stephan" group of painters together with Wolfgang Hollegha, Markus Prachensky, Josef Mikl
1972, 1977 and 1982 Participation in the documenta, Kassel
1978 and 1980 Participation in the Venice Biennale
1978 First solo exhibition at the Galerie Georg Nothelfer
1978 Grand Austrian State Prize
2003 Rhenus Art Prize for his complete artistic oeuvre
2009 Foundation of the Arnulf Rainer Museum in his native town Baden
Lives and works in Vienna

Arnulf Rainer attended the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts for only a few days. Today he is one of the most influential contemporary artists and one of the best-known Austrian painters. Rainer's work is determined by the search for new paths in painting and the constant development of new artistic strategies; extensive writings accompanied by performative works are also characteristic of his oeuvre. Arnulf Rainer created overpaintings as an art form in their own right and thus gave European art a new focus. After initially turning to Surrealism, Rainer approached Tachism and Informel. Since the early 1950s he has been painting over his own and other people's pictures and photographs. He is particularly known for his photo overpaintings of self-portraits, which are called Face Farces. Fellow artists, including Sam Francis, Georges Mathieu, Emilio Vedova and Victor Vasarely, also made their works available to him to paint over. The "Hiroshima Cycle", a series of drawings and photographs of the destroyed city, was shown in seventeen European cities from 1982.



  • Überdeckte Überdeckung, 1965, 1965-70, drypoint velin, signed and dated by the artist, 30 x 42 cm, Copies: 99

  • Tafel, 1961, Etching, 54 x 37,7 cm, Copies: 98

  • Aus dem Zyklus "Gesichter mit Goya" aus Mappenwerk "Hommage a Cladders", , Offset lithograph, signed and dated by the artist, 50 x 37 cm, Copies: 100


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  • Gesichter mit Goya, 1985, Overpaintings of photographic productions from 1983 and 1984, On the occasion of the 1985 exhibition at Galerie Georg Nothelfer, Foreword Arnulf Rainer, 170 pages, 77 ill., 19 colour ill., Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-87329-916-X, EUR 18