Georg Nothelfer



1944 Born as Anna Gabriele Müller in Heusweiler/Saar
1962 - 67 Studies at the Werkkunstschule Saarbrücken
1969 - 76 Studied at the Berlin University of the Arts
1975 Master student with Martin Engelman
1982 1. Soloexhibition in the Galerie Georg Nothelfer
1989 Will Grohmann Prize
1990 Villa Romana Scholarship, Florence
1992 - 2005 Professorship at the FH Münster
2020 11th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
2022 Sonderstand der ARTIMA „KünstlerInnen zum Wiederentdecken“ / Positions Berlin
2023 Museum Frieder Burda/ Baden-Baden
Lives and works in Berlin

Galli depicts the impressions of everyday life as well as those of mythology as twisted, magical sceneries. Her drawings and paintings tell of the struggle with the banalities of the day as well as of enigmatic-magical moments, of sexuality and longing, frustration and the will to assert oneself and the humour of getting tangled up as well as the joke of twisted word images and the pleasure of the madness of failure. Galli became known when, in the late 1970s, West Berlin's art scene caused an international sensation with a new, violent form of mostly figurative painting. But unlike the painters of the "Neue Wilde", Galli's paintings of those days were characterised above all by the stroke, the line and the draughtsmanship, which lent their paintings both lightness and intellectuality. Galli also went her very own way in the treatment of a specific physicality, which is also marked by contemporary critical allusions and feminist tendencies. To this day, it is these elements that determine her entire artistic production.



  • o.T., 1991, Serigraphy, 72,5 x 81,5 cm, Copies: 60


  • o.T., 1988, Serigraphy, 95 x 66,5 cm, Copies: 50


  • o.T., 1985, Serigraphy, 90 x 65 cm, Copies: 40



  • Unerwünschte Wirkung. Bilder und Zeichnungen 1988-1991, 1991, Edited by Galerie Georg Nothelfer. Texts by Barbara Wally, Peter Anselm Riedl und Manfred de la Motte, german/english/french, 116 pages, 60 ill., 38 colour ill. Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-87329-896-1, EUR 13


  • Neue Arbeiten, 1988, Edited by Galerie Georg Nothelfer. With Anagrams by Oskar Pastior, Texts by Rainer-René Müller, 103 pages, 32 colour ill. Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-87329-928-3, EUR 12


  • Arbeiten aus den Jahren 1982 bis 1985, 1985, Edited by Galerie Georg Nothelfer. Conversation between Marianne Meinhold and Galli, Text by Thomas Deecke, german, 72 pages, 57 ill., 27 colour ill. Edition Galerie Georg Nothelfer, ISBN 3-87329-918-6, EUR 10


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