Georg Nothelfer

Christoph M. Gais


Born 1951 in Stuttgart
1978-81 Studied painting at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart with Prof. K. R. H. Sonderborg
1981-83 Studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin, with Prof. R. Girke, graduating as master student
1984 Karl Hofer scholarship
1988 Working scholarship Berlin Senate
1992 Berlin Art Prize, Promotion Prize for Visual Artists, Academy of Arts, Berlin
2010 First solo exhibition at Galerie Georg Nothelfer
2023 Christoph M. Gais. Bilderwelten von 1990 bis heute. Museum Küppersmühle
(September 1, 2023 – November 26, 2023)
Lives and works near Orvieto, Italy, and in Berlin

Gais uses two levels: That of a ground defining the surface, may it be clearly defined, for example as a brick wall, may it appear as a diffuse fruit or leaf wall. On top of this, he also lays an open, curved tendril work. This begins, breaks off, has a differentiated swell, is almost unfloral, although bud curves and strong lancet forms appear. Gais approaches ornamental structure, i.e. systems that can be extended endlessly beyond the edge of the picture; he teases out "patterns", but does not submit to their compulsion to follow. His pictures - and this one in particular - balance effortlessly between bound measure and freely determined. No picture reaches gesturally beyond its edge. It begins, it ends, it does not present itself as a section of an endless wallpaper repeat. Gais composes his calm pictures. Their structure is without mystery. It can be seen. The structures clearly grow from bottom to top, right and left are determined; the pictures are not - which pictures by other painters can certainly be - rotatable.



  • Drawing Sculpture, 2019, Catalogue, 2007 - 2019, texts by Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, 107 pages with colour illustrations, EUR 20


  • Ausstellungskatalog/Exhibition Catalogue, 2012, Edited by Galerie Georg Nothelfer. Catalogue on the occasion of the solo exhibition at Galerie Georg Nothelfer, texts by Georg Nothelfer, Manfred de la Motte, Hermann Wiesler, Manfred Großkinsky, Bodo-Michael Baumunk (German/English), 284 pages, numerous colour illustrations., ISBN 978-3-930797-70-7, EUR 28


  • Ausstellungskatalog/Exhibition Catalogue, 1992, Publication on the occasion of the artist's first solo exhibition at Galerie Volker Diehl, texts by Christoph Tannert, Manfred de la Motte, 20 colour illustrations, Hardcover, EUR 12