Georg Nothelfer

Damien Daufresne


Born 1979 in Paris
Studied painting, drawing, printmaking and photography at the École Boulle in Paris, at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris and at the School of Visual Arts in New York
2003 Winner of the Leica/Ensad Award and exhibition at Galerie Sabine Puget
2012 Exhibition "Noir Dessin" at Galerie Guigon, Paris. Nomination for the Vienna International Photo Award
2014 Nomination for the "talents contemporains" Fondation François Schneider" Award.
2015 Exhibition "Ressac" Galerie Guigon, Paris
2017 Nomination for the Roger Pic Award and Gomma Award
2018 Solo exhibition "Archipels" at Espace Saint Cyprien, Toulouse
2019 Nomination for the Leica Italy - Voix Off, Arles/France
2020 Solo exhibition "Lunar Eclipse" at the Contemporary Art Center - Chapelle Saint Jacques/Saint Gaudens
2020 First solo exhibition at Showroom Galerie Georg Nothelfer
2020-21 Scholarship "Neustart Kultur" Foundation Art Fund, Bonn
2022 Winner of the Lotto Brandenburg Artprice photography
Lives and works in Berlin
Damien Daufresne moves between the disciplines of painting, drawing, photography and film. Light, darkness and movement are the elements he uses to suggest bodies or corporeality. "The physical material is important to him," says the author Cara Wuchold, "In addition to the charcoal and chalk here, that is, the photographic paper, the film rolls and also the chemicals. It is precisely these aggressive substances that get under the skin that create the necessary resistance. They react - and he reacts to them. What the works have in common: they do without colour, black and white dominates. The diversity of grey is evident in the recent large-format, two-dimensional paintings. The grey here shimmers brownish, yellowish, bluish. In his drawings, photographs and films, Daufresne creates moments of condensation, in which a dark secret or even a still concealed radiance is inherent. In them, he exposes the poetry of things." Daufresne also works with various publishers, such as "Fata Morgana", "Delpire", "Origini edizioni" and "Blow-Up".