Georg Nothelfer

Geerten Verheus


1965 born in Amsterdam/ Netherlands
1988-1993 BA in Photography, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 
1998-1999 MA Fine Arts , Chelsea College of Art & Design, London 
Lives and works in Berlin

Geerten Verheus often works with inversion in his work. He inverts sculptures, collages, paintings and objects into a different aggregate state and thus always gives new kinds of functional and aesthetic content to the original form. In his recent works Verheus dedicates himself to painting and to the canvas under the aspect of sculpturing: „The sculptural wall works are results of my investigations into the objecthood of the painted canvas. The question, to what extent paintings are also objects at the same time, is probably as frequently discussed as it is dismissed as irrelevant. For me, this question is anything but irrelevant. Because as a sculpturally thinking artist, i'm more aware of the relationship between my own physical presence and that of an object, than the relationship between me and a painting." His painted canvases lack stretcher bars, so the form is held only by the paint. Verheus partially turns the bottom of the canvas inside out, changing the surface of the canvas from invisible to visible and vice versa. The middle section of the canvas, folded neither back nor forward, reveals its full width, contributing to a form "that suggests a generous self-opening, inviting everything, revealing everything, an exhibitionism in the true sense of the word."