Georg Nothelfer

Toni Mauersberg


1989 born in Hanover 
2009 Started studying Fine Arts at Universität der Künste Berlin with Leiko Ikemura 
2012 Completion of Bachelor's degree in Jewish Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin 
Exchange year at the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem 
2014 Scholarship holder of the Cusanuswerk 
2015 Schulz-Stübner Prize for Painting 
2017 Master student with Michael Müller, Universität der Künste Berlin
Scholarship holder of the Dorothea-Konwiarz-Foundation
2019 Master's degree at the theological faculty of Humboldt Universität Berlin 
2020 Georg Meistermann Scholarship
2022 Goldrausch artist project
Autumn 2023 First Solo Exhibition at Showroom Galerie Georg Nothelfer
She lives and works in Berlin

Toni Mauersberg is interested in how a painted image speaks on different levels of interpretation at the same time:
First by what is simply on it, then its anchoring in larger pictorial tradition, and the conditions of its creation. Using various painterly strategies and techniques, she aims to uncover the paintings' potential - as a medium of understanding, recognition, and narrative. At its core, she is concerned with the question of how it is possible to be one's own person in a post-religious, post-rational, and post-individual age.

In her current series, Pas de Deux, she explores the legibility of abstract painting as a complex visual language whose origins also lie in the search for new ways of representing spirituality and liberation. Her combination of non-representational paintings with portraits brings both their being "made" out of mere color into view and at the same time expands their interpretive possibilities. The dialogue between the paintings is intended to open up its own ways of deciphering seemingly hidden rules within images in a new way.



  • Entre Nous, 2023, Catalog on the occasion of the exhibition Toni Mauersberg - Entre Nous, Galerie Georg Nothelfer. 96 pages with 58 illustrations; texts by Denise Koller, Toni Mauersberg, Arno Orzessek, and Vera De Vries. Published by DCV - Dr. Cantz'sche Verlagsgesellschaft, ISBN 978-3-96912-166-5, EUR 28