Georg Nothelfer

Walter Menne


Born 1908 in Marburg
1927/1934 Studied medicine in Bonn, Munich, Cologne and Berlin
1927/1938 Studied fine arts at the Universities of Fine Arts in Munich and Berlin, friendship with Erich Heckel, Otto Dix and Christian Rohlfs
1946 works as a pathologist and artist
1963 joint exhibition with Cy Twombly, K.R.H. Sonderborg, Peter Brüning, Otto Piene, Julius Bissier at the Haus am Waldsee in Berlin
until 1966 senior physician at the Pathological Institute of the Rudolf-Virchow Hospital in Berlin
1989 First solo exhibition at Galerie Georg Nothelfer
Died 2000 in Berlin

Walter Menne has created forms that owe their existence to meditation and a sensitive set of instruments. In Menne's way of working it is important that the instrument allows rapid work without interruption and that the ink is applied in as many degrees of thickness and shapes as possible. They are not signs, rather rhythms and melodies. All his life he has worked equally in the medical and artistic fields. 



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